Tyler Burns"Working as a Clinical Information Specialist over the past three years has been an invaluable experience that truly allowed me to understand healthcare on a much deeper level. These experiences were not only a huge part of my journey into a healthcare career as a PA, but also provided me with lessons that will last a lifetime and shape me into a better medical provider. Having the ability to work in various specialties including emergency medicine, cardiology, cardiovascular thoracic surgery, and general surgery (just to name a few), not only vastly expanded my medical knowledge, but also allowed me to understand the inner workings of medicine. It allowed me to see the complete process of diagnosing and treating a patient from start to finish. These concepts were what set my applications apart during the interview process for physician assistant school and ultimately led to my acceptance. I would not trade my experiences as a Clinical Information Specialist for anything as it will continue to benefit me throughout my lifetime."

– Tyler Burns, Current PA

Emily Hanwell“I worked as a Clinical Information Specialist in the ED for two years during my undergraduate studies, prior to beginning PA school. The chance to do so aided me in a multitude of ways. Not only was I able to familiarize myself with a wide variety of medical terminology — which freed me from relying solely on rote memorization later on during school, but I was also able to grasp a great deal of clinical medical practice thanks to the wonderful providers I worked with, many of whom loved to teach. I was also able to witness the way that different medical professional roles work in collaboration and gain an understanding of the systemization and methodology of the healthcare system. Overall, my typical day as a clinical information specialist solidified my decision to work in healthcare and my desire to treat patients on a day-to-day basis and champion their betterment, whilst granting myself an endless opportunity for furtherment of knowledge. I definitely had a huge advantage in comparison to my peers at the start of my first year of PA school, secondary to the time I spent as a Clinical Information Specialist, as the role provides a great framework in all areas from which to develop and embellish the rest of your medical career.”

– Emily Hanwell

Birgitta Sheeder"I worked at the Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery office, specifically with the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery. I went into the OR and observed his open-heart surgeries and TAVI procedures. After a few days of observation, I developed multiple operative report templates (mitral valve repairs/replacements, aortic valve replacements, coronary artery bypass grafting, etc.) that other OR scribes, including myself, are now utilizing. Working with the Chief of Cardiothoracic surgery and the other OR staff has been an amazing experience. One of many benefits of being a Clinical Information Specialist is the connections that you make with the providers you work with; this will serve you well in the future. Each provider was always willing to offer advice and assist me in any way possible.”

– Birgitta Sheeder

Naila Iqbal"I have been a Clinical Information Specialist for 3 years. I started scribing right after I got into PA school and found that working as a specialist for a few months before starting school helped me a lot since I was more aware of the medical terminology that we used in class. I worked throughout the semesters and really enjoyed being able to see the pathologies I learn in school in actual practice when I worked in the ED. In addition, being a Clinical Information Specialist made me more comfortable seeing patients on my own during my clinical rotations since I had already seen how providers interact with patients while working. The experience of working as a CIS helped me throughout PA school and has helped me get to where I am today. All of the providers and staff have been wonderful to work with the last 3 years.”

– Naila Iqbal, Current PA Mount Sinai

Matt Miller"Working as a Clinical Information Specialist at CIMS has been an amazing experience and a critical step in my journey towards a career in medicine. I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and clinical experience while working side-by-side with physicians and filling out patient charts. Working as a Clinical Information Specialist was paramount to my acceptance to medical school, as my experiences enhanced my application and my ability to interview. I was often asked questions in interviews that I would not have been able to answer if not for my experience as a Clinical Information Specialist, and interviewers were always impressed when I described my work experience as a CIS. The skills I have developed through working as a CIS, such as documenting a patient’s history and physical exam, will give me an advantage as a medical student and will continue to serve me throughout my medical career."

- Matt Miller, Current medical school student

"Working as a Clinical Information Specialist in the ED was a great experience for me. This opportunity has not only allowed me to be an active member of the healthcare team but also bolstered my aspiration to be a physician. As I worked alongside with physicians and APCs, I developed a more accurate perspective what the career as a physician entails. I was able to observe various procedures, get a glimpse of the thinking process behind diagnoses, and above all, understand the importance of teamwork between the providers and the ancillary staff. This perfectly complements my hands-on experience and clinical skills gained during my role as an ED technician. I would highly recommend a Clinical Information Specialist job as a great way to explore and prepare for a future career in medicine, regardless of the path one intends to pursue."

– Duc Dang, Current medical school student

“Being a Clinical Information Specialist with CIMS was hands-down the best experience I could have imagined as a pre-med student. The opportunities I had every single day to not only watch doctors, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners as they treated patients, but to actually collaborate with them to make their day more successful was unbelievable. Working as a CIS and developing relationships with many different providers allowed me to understand exactly what and how providers think and make decisions. Combine that with the incredible variety of complaints and procedures I witnessed, and not to mention the terminology and language that became part of my everyday interactions, I have no doubt that working as a Clinical Information Specialist will give me a huge advantage over other medical students and make me a much more well-rounded doctor in the future.”

– Stephen Reale