Why Work for CIMS

Be Part of an Exciting Mission
CIMS develops solutions to one of healthcare’s biggest problems. We are a relatively young team and a quick moving, lean, problem-solving company with a big mission, not a big corporate bureaucracy that tries to police you. If you have something to say to the CEO, the door is always open. If you have an idea for an improvement we can make, we’ll listen and shape it together. If you want to make an impact in the lives of doctors and patients, you will.

Get Paid for Training and Education
Because CIMS is built on extensive real-world emergency department experience, we know precisely what providers and hospitals need and expect in clinical information capture and management and have developed our own thorough and supportive training path for you to become the best Clinical Information Specialist you can be. Your training with CIMS is intense, thorough, and compensated. Before your first shift begins, you are prepared to be an effective and efficient asset in the clinical environment. Our learning and development team also trains existing staff in other skills, and you will have access to excellent training materials to improve yourself and the quality of your work.

Career Building
As a Clinical Information Specialist, you will gain rare clinical experiences that will help you grow as a person and as a professional, which makes this role an outstanding opportunity for pre-med, physician assistant and nursing students, EMTs, or any other candidates interested in a career in healthcare. You will work side-by-side with providers throughout their encounter with patients and have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language, culture, and procedure that you will eventually encounter in medical school or working in healthcare. It will become part of your fabric, your lexicon of process and procedure, and CISs who perform well and stand out now will be standouts when the eventual healthcare job search begins. You will have the opportunity to build professional relationships within healthcare, to leverage a networking experience that may lead to your personal references including the distinguished physicians you've worked with through your experience at CIMS. You will also have had an opportunity to evaluate potential job markets prior to finishing your professional degree.

Leadership and Growth
We look for leaders from within our CIS teams. We offer mentorship, additional training, and opportunities to advance into Clinical Information Manager positions and other roles where you can enhance both your specialized clinical and managerial skills.

Work with Smart, Caring People with a Passion for Excellence
CIMS staff members are intelligent, enthusiastic, and eager to support and improve those around them. Above all, they care tremendously for the patient/doctor relationship and quality of service. We build teams to work in close collaboration and do whatever we can to support this dynamic, energizing working environment for all employees. Management and your colleagues won’t feel detached from you and your work, regardless of your location