CIMS for Healthcare Providers

Clinical Information Management Systems provides clinical information services for hospitals, private emergency medicine groups, primary care groups, or multi-specialty practices that want to bolster their productivity and revenue, improve patient and clinician experience, or reduce physician burn out while using an Electronic Medical Record system. In the era of accountable care, CIMS greatly benefits fee-for-service physician groups who are highly dependent on their group and individual efficiencies and overall productivity to maximize reimbursements while also aiding practices seeking to manage the new challenges posed by value-based alternative payment models and increased payer emphasis on quality and outcomes. As providers are paid according to outcomes, access to data and decision-making tools is critical to the success of the business model. To that end, the Clinical Information Specialist is a necessity – allowing physicians to work at the top level of their license and reinstate the bond between physician and patient, a bond that leads to overall wellness and greater quality of care.

Contact us to have a conversation about your practice’s goals and how CIMS can customize services for your unique circumstances. Some of our most frequently provided services include:

Solutions for Healthcare Systems: Improve clinical outcomes with highly skilled CIMS Clinical Information Specialists providing turnkey or tailored solutions.

Solutions for Remote or Lower Volume Practices: Gain relief from clinical documentation burdens with virtual and telehealth solutions tailored to providers limited by geography or scale.

Solutions for Improving Patient Experience: Increase patient engagement and satisfaction with higher interaction-to-documentation ratios and survey-tool powered analytics.

Solutions for Improving Physician Satisfaction: Improve the clerical side of healthcare to reduce provider burnout and allow overburdened physicians to rediscover the joy of practicing at the top of their medical license.

Solutions for Enhancing Revenue Cycle Management: Manage the new challenges posed by the drive to value-based alternative payment models and payer-demanded quality and outcomes with AI-powered pre-billing and financial management tools that work in conjunction with a CIMS Clinical Information Specialist.