What is a Clinical Information Specialist?

CIMS’ Clinical Information Specialists (CISs) are the necessary evolution of medical data capture. More rigorously and specially trained than traditional medical scribes, CISs are skilled in improving clinical workflows and employing clinical documentation tools. They use these skills to enhance the physician-patient experience, greatly reduce administrative burdens of practitioners, and enable clinical end-users to operate at the top of their license by reducing burn out and allowing them to focus on what they were trained to do: provide attentive, highest-caliber patient care.

Creating and maintaining a high-caliber clinical information management team is a complex and ever-changing endeavor that CIMS executes for organizations seeking the best ways to provide assistance to their clinical end-users. To successfully adapt to the ever-changing requirements of clinical documentation, CIMS continually trains its CISs to leverage the best of the EMR, CIMS’ suite of technologies, and their own workflow expertise to improve your clinical documentation while profoundly enhancing patient and physician satisfaction.

CIMS is geared for the future of medicine. Our CISs are trained on ICD-10, upcoming phases of Meaningful Use, new CMS requirements, and other vital aspects of clinical documentation so we can assist our partners in keeping current with the fluid medical environment in which we work.


Hiring a CIMS Clinical information Specialist entails:

  1. A rigorous system of CIS evaluations to ensure quality of service and your satisfaction.
  2. Assurance of adherence to all facility-specific, local, state and federal regulations.
  3. Competency assessments to ensure continual CIS improvement.
  4. Accessible CIS management with experience, training, and authority to implement any necessary changes or refinements necessary to meet the changing needs of your department and/or physician group.
  5. Our professional, proprietary training program includes [XX] hours of training and testing in the following areas:
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Practice-specific orientation
    • PQRS/Meaningful Use
    • CMS Core Measures
    • Specific EMR system
    • E&M Levels
    • Medical-legal aspects of documentation
    • Medical abbreviations and terminology
    • Introductory pharmacology
    • Basic anatomy
    • Patient Scenarios
  6. A predictable cost structure
  7. Direct access to executive management team to ensure you the finest customer service.




CIMS participates in E-Verify. This means we provide the federal government with all required information to verify that you are authorized to work in the U.S. For more information on the E-Verify program, please review the following materials:

E-Verify Participation - ENG/ES PDF (download)

Immigrant and Employee Rights Information (IER) - ENG (download)

Immigrant and Employee Rights Information (IER) - ES (download)