The CIMS difference

With more than 25 years of clinical and management experience, CIMS understands the challenges of clinical practice in the current environment. Not only does CIMS have a keen understanding of workflows and how they have been cemented by the introduction of the EMR, but also how it affects the entirety of the healthcare organization's efficiency, capacity, and quality of care. CIMS’ services benefit not only the patient and provider but the entire healthcare enterprise.

Not just documentation – workflow management and optimization
While traditional medical scribes specialize in unloading the provider’s burden of medical data collection and data entry into the EMR, CIMS Clinical Information Specialists also perform accurate documentation in your patient’s EMR and act as data gatherers, but they are also your personal coordinator of patient information and flow. CISs remind providers of lab results, consults, patient re-assessments, and documentation deficiencies. While your CIS documents your PMH, HPI, ROS, PE, and MDM, they will also take consult calls, gather previous studies and work with your care team to be sure that your patients are never faced with a delay in care or satisfaction. CISs also act as presenters to further help resolve the troubling barrier to physician-patient encounters posed by the EMR’s computer interface.

Customizable services to best suit your practice
Every medical practice is unique. That is why CIMS features an entirely consultative process to assess your individual requirements and help achieve desired outcomes. We conform to the specific characteristics of your workplace and develop a plan of action that will satisfy your goals, drawing upon CIMS’ breadth of experience and expertise to inform our problem-solving approach rather than formulaically applying past solutions.

EMR Transition Specialists
CIMS has a highly successful history providing ATE support for EMR go-lives. Unlike a third party referral from the EMR, whose expertise is limited to the EMR technology itself, our EMR Transition Specialists study your clinical workflow prior to implementation, enabling them to smoothly help your staff leverage the EMR to serve and enhance pre-existing flows rather than triggering disruptive and frustrating losses by uprooting them.

Personnel Development
We prize longevity in our professional relationships. At CIMS, the depth and quality of our proprietary training and ongoing education, our team-oriented culture, and our flexible, encouraging approach with our staff naturally creates an empowering practice of mentorship. We invest deeply in putting our people in positions to be successful and in building character and competencies with enduring value. We support and value our staff, so you can rest assured you and your providers are working with clinical partners that are every bit as highly motivated to achieve excellence as you are.